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RESULTS-driven operations analytics for buildings.

Track building performance by measuring energy usage and indoor environmental quality with the AUROS360™ technology platform.

Gain confidence in your investments through team alignment enabled by technology.


AUROS Group has 31 world class sustainability project pursuits in development.  We offer business consulting services in the field of energy management to improve energy efficiency within residential, commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.  

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"AUROS Group awarded two U.S. patents integrating building science with data science"
Zero Carbon, Zero Energy, Healthy Indoor Air Quality
AUROS Group Capabilities
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"As shown in this timely book, the capability to meet the challenge exists today."  Scott Foster, UN Economic Commission for Europe


Building owners, developers, architects, engineers, funders, and builders turn to us for evidence of building performance.  Our tools provide the evidence necessary to compare investment options across portfolios of buildings to achieve the highest returns.  

Get to Know Us

We are the creators of AUROS360™ technology and your best advocates for zero energy ready, zero carbon and healthy indoor environmental quality.  

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About AUROS Group

We are unique in that we sit at THE INTERSECTION BETWEEN BUILDING SCIENCE AND DATA SCIENCE™. We use our building performance technology to chart a cost-neutral path to zero energy and healthy indoor air quality.  We also provide clients with the consulting services necessary to improve energy efficiency within commercial, industrial, multifamily and institutional facilities.  

Thought Leadership

Patent Holders. Authors. Advocates. 

AUROS Group's principals are sought-after experts in creating physics-based simulations and integrating them with trended data to reach zero energy, zero carbon and healthy indoor air quality. Using simulation as a superpower, we create integrated digital twins that interrogate how a building is currently performing or predict how a building could perform with the proper investment.  



AUROS Group is certified in 10 performance-based programs.

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243 East Main Street
Carnegie, PA 15106




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