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The Affordable Path to Building Decarbonization

To affordably demonstrate zero carbon or zero energy, in new or existing buildings, without sacrificing healthy indoor environmental quality, requires merging building science with data science. We invented AUROS360, the intersection of building science and data science, building performance technology, to give owners and developers a clear and affordable path to these goals.

Every building, existing or in-design, has "theoretical optimum performance levels" before any premium in cost is required. We use data science, in the form of modeling and rapid-fire simulation, to identify the potential performance of a building before spending money

on construction. Our goals for data science are to 1) find the optimum levels of performance 2) determine what may be required to reach zero energy [ready] based on the identified constraints and 3) ensure that building owners have access and control over their building performance data.

Our goals for building science are to 1) use the natural order of sustainability strategies to cost-effectively drive to ultra-low energy consumption and 2) reach ultra-low energy consumption while embedding hygienic ventilation strategies to ensure healthy indoor air quality.

Data science without building science leads to a smart, but not necessarily high performing building. Data science, merged with building science, is the only way to reach and maintain ultra-low energy and healthy in door air quality building performance. AUROS360 is one of only a handful of approaches that prioritizes both disciplines early enough in design to do this work without paying premiums in the cost of construction.


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