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Passive House Primers

Passive House certification and Passive House design principles are becoming table stakes as people pursue the decarbonization of new and existing buildings. Below are links to "Intro to Passive House" tutorials from simplest to more complex. These tutorials provide a simple and easy way to spread the key principles across your team or internal stakeholders.

Passive House is the most affordable way to reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. Don't pay for renewables for any building until you've reduced consumption, otherwise you will inevitably spend too much. There are also "free" benefits from pursuing a passive house approach to buildings, including healthy indoor air and a quieter interior environment.

If you are looking for an Owner's Performance Advocate to help you set goals and shepherd your team through their first passive house project, reach out to me at

Passive House Tutorials

Passive House in 90 Seconds, by Hans-Jorn Eich, SIGA North America

Passive House 101 Explained in Under 4 minutes, by Zack Semke, Reimagine Buildings

Ultra-Efficient Buildings: 5 Design Principles by Anton Dobrevski, Founder, Passive House School

Why a Hairdryer Can Heat a 1500 Square Foot Apartment, by Morgan Law, Paper Airplane Design Company.


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