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2022 Environmental Book of the Year

Organizations & the Natural Environment (ONE) Division of the Academy of Management awarded the book The Power of Existing Buildings -- Save money, Improve Health and Reduce Environmental Impacts the coveted 2022 Environmental Book of the Year.

Authors Robert Sroufe, Duquesne University and Craig Stevenson & Beth Eckenrode, AUROS Group were delighted with the award. "It's the highest honor to have your work recognized by professionals with expertise in Sustainability and Education," said Robert Sroufe, Murrin Chair of Global Competitiveness at Duquesne University's Sustainability MBA Program.

The Power of Existing Buildings provides a roadmap for building operators, policymakers, real estate developers and anyone who is looking to create decarbonized, zero energy and healthy buildings. The techniques and approaches covered in the book are key components of any strategy to reach zero on a budget.

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