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Use Physics-based Simulation to Reach Full Decarbonization Potential

For existing buildings, there are two primary opportunities to improve a building's carbon footprint...during the original design or when contemplating a major renovation due to natural triggers of major maintenance.

AUROS Group integrates building science with data science to provide owners the path to decarbonize buildings without paying construction or financing premiums to do so. We use whole-building, physics-based modeling to determine an existing building's potential for decarbonization. Instead of looking for incremental approaches to reduction, we use digital twin technology to predict what is possible before investing in equipment or construction.

Once the model is built and the owner has chosen their renovation pathway, we bring together the simulated data with ongoing trended data to answer one question for building owners, Did I Get What I Paid For?

The AUROS Group eBook called You've Picked All The Low-Hanging Fruit-- Now What? details the path building owners should take to predict optimum building performance: before teams are selected and before construction is contemplated.

Final eBook3 Simulation is a Superpower
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