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We Model Early To Hit Goals In Operations

According the the USGBC, Energy Modeling in the pre-design phase can allow a project to achieve 45 percent average savings per project compared to baseline building. In our opinion, it's also the path to realizing targeted performance in operations.

For any project looking to achieve performance-based metrics like Passive House, RESET Air, WELL Building, LEED, Living Building, etc, modeling early is key to eliminating construction premiums. While early modeling may require slightly higher costs in the pre-design phase, the costs are a small fraction of project savings and additional performance made possible through the modeling and simulation processes.

Our modeling weapons of choice are IES VE, Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), WUFI Passive, eQuest, and EnergyPlus. We also support design development with sub-component modeling using WUFI and THERM for hygrothermal and thermal bridge analysis. We reach for IES VE when whole building simulation will be used throughout a project to ensure a client reaches their energy and indoor environmental quality goals during operations. We reach for PHPP when a client is looking for an early assessment of a project's ability to reach Passive House energy performance. If a client is interested in pursuing Passive House certification, we will often run both models. The PHPP is required for certification and the IES VE helps to ensure building performance goals are achieved in operations.

Owners are no longer satisfied designing a new or renovated high performance building. Owners today expect to be given evidence showing their buildings are operating as high performing buildings.

For early modeling and simulation capabilities of new or existing buildings, call AUROS Group at (412) 506-6777.


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