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One Version of the Truth

A building dashboard should answer an owner's question, "Am I winning or losing?" The context for that question should be based on how the building was expected to perform in terms of goals and investments. With appropriate context, a dashboard becomes that one version of the truth visible through a "single pane of glass".

One version of the truth is enabled by four essential components that ensures data reliability: meters & sensors; open-integrated operating technology; real-time, time-series database & historian; human machine interface visualization (commonly referred to as the dashboard).

With these four essential components, owners are able to have instantaneous access to and control over their building performance data. Gone are the days where owners have to ask a vendor for information only to wait for days or weeks and then be required to pay for the privilege of getting their data.

Lastly, a single pane of glass enables owners to automate the submissions of building performance data for AIA 2030 District Whole-Building Analytics, USGBC LEED NC ARC, WELL Building, RESET Air, public disclosure ordinances, etc.

Here's a quick primer on One Version of the Truth from Craig Stevenson:


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