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A Major Upgrade in Compliance Modeling for California Title 24

IESVE modeling software is now an authorized solution for Title 24 Certified Alternative Compliance Method, integrating a 3-model approach for Design & Compliance.

IESVE has delivered an automated approach to comparing a project's actual design to the project's baseline and the team's proposed design, making the achievement of a project's performance goals more reliable and quicker.

AUROS Group is expert at using IESVE to determine a new building's expected performance or an existing building's optimum achievable performance in terms of energy, indoor air quality, carbon and other forms of indoor environmental quality.

Title 24 expects excellence in terms of building performance. The use of IESVE, especially when combined with a Passive House building approach to design, delivers the most reliable and efficient method of modeling and simulating performance before spending one dollar on construction. At AUROS Group, we routinely use IESVE in support of PHPP (PHI) or WUFI Passive (PHIUS) to ensure we provide our building owners and teams the greatest confidence that the performance expected post-design will be realized in operations. The inclusion of IESVE provides much greater detail when modeling HVAC systems.

It's important to reach for the right technology tools and the inclusion of IESVE in the tool box for high performance buildings is smart and leads to more reliable outcomes.


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