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WELL AP Exam Workshop

In collaboration with GREENSTEP Education, AUROS Group is offering WELL AP Exam prep workshops designed to help you prepare for the WELL AP exam.

The workshop provides an in-depth review of the seven key concepts within the WELL Standard, including:

• Air

• Water

• Nourishment

• Light

• Fitness

• Comfort

• Mind

Workshop materials include:

• 82-Page PDF Study Guide

• 4 bonus Study Matrices

• Sample WELL AP Scorecard

• In-Class Mini Practice Exam

• 4 Full-length Online Practice Exams (via BuildingGreen at a 15% discount)

In addition, the workshops will review the types of questions in the WELL AP exam so you know what to expect and how to study. We will discuss real world example scenarios from WELL projects allowing you to put theory into practice.

All workshops are customized for organizations based on the number of attendees. For costs and schedule, call AUROS Group at (412) 506-6777.


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