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ULI Visionary Award Goes To.....

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Fifth & Dinwiddie Development!! We are delighted to be part of a team of aligned and committed project professionals each bringing their strengths and expertise to, what will be, one of the most sustainable campus of buildings in Western Pennsylvania. The development has already received one Fitwel Certification and is on track to be Passive House certified (PHI), and RESET Air certified.

Not only will the buildings consume at least 70% less energy (Passive House) and provide the healthiest indoor air quality (RESET Air), considerable thought and planning went into ensuring the developer benefited from a contemporary approach to building performance data. The Owner's Project Requirements included an open, integrated approach to smart building infrastructure. Proprietary systems that hold owners hostage from secure and transparent access to their building performance data was unacceptable to the developer, so the team created an integrated approach to data execution that ensured the building performance data would remain owned and accessible by the building owner. This approach provides owners ultimate flexibility in how they contract with operating technology (OT) providers, internet of things (IOT) devices and technology providers and information technology (IT) providers. Using an open, integrated methodology for data management, owners never have to worry about storing and maintaining ownership of their building data.

Developer, Derrick Tillman, has a grand vision that these buildings will reach and maintain their performance thresholds for decades to come, so it's appropriate that his development received the Urban Land Institute's Visionary Award. Tillman's Bridging the Gap development company is committed to eliminating fuel poverty and ensuring equitable access to healthy indoor air quality. The project team, consisting of GBBN, AUROS Group, evolveEA, Michael Baker International, and Newcomb & Boyd, collaborated on the tools and capabilities required to meet the lofty expectations.

AUROS Group is the Owner's Performance Advocate for Fifth & Dinwiddie. In that role, we develop the Owner's Project Requirements, which details the metrics of performance the owner will track during operations. AUROS Group merges building science and data science to answer one question for building owners, Did I Get What I Paid For?


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