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Sustainable Development-- Trust, but verify.

What is Sustainable Development for a building, a campus or a city? Is it simply sustainable energy? No, it's not, but developing a sustainable energy plan is a good way to create the foundation for the kind of actions that will deliver against broader sustainable development goals.

The problem with most approaches to Sustainable Development is that they are conceptual and difficult to quickly boil down to actions. Institutions that start with sustainable energy plans give themselves the opportunity to secure public trust by defining purpose, detailing actions and proving results. The results from the actions of a good sustainable energy plan usually look like zero-energy ready and healthy indoor air quality. Those results drive important sustainable development values of reducing fuel poverty and ensuring equitable indoor air quality.

If you've worked with us in the past, defining purpose, detailing actions and proving results sounds familiar as they are key elements of AUROS360 and the way we build trust with building owners, developers and team members.

The attached article from the World Economic Forum explains how any major Sustainable Development initiatives require public trust. The bottom line is that trust requires transparency and easy verification of results. Whether you are driving sustainability at the building, campus, or city scale, AUROS360 is a no-regrets first step that integrates building science and data science to build the trust necessary to go all the way.


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