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Selecting a Sustainability Program

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Lately building owners are more and more confused by the growing number of aspirational building performance standards.  Most owners are convinced that sustainability programs are doing a much better job of setting actual performance standards; however, owners are not entirely clear on which sustainability program is the best solution for their building.  To help our clients consider all of their options, we created a unique summary of building performance metrics by program.

You may not be aware, but the AUROS Group is accredited in ALL of the programs, so we have a unique perspective for any owner looking to tailor a custom building(s)-specific solution to meet their goals and budget.  The decision of which standard to pursue rests entirely on your goals and budget.  Because of our depth and experience with all of the standards and our expertise in cost estimating, we are able to quickly help owners navigate the many options available today.

AUROS Group uses technology to prioritize and validate building owners’ investments in buildings.  Only when you can calculate the impact of decisions on building performance, first costs and long-term operating costs will you be confident in your decisions at every turn.

If you are considering pursuing LEED, WELL Building, WELL Community, Passive House, Living Building, Living Community, and/or RESET (indoor air quality) certifications, call us for a complimentary consultation on the unique qualities of each sustainability standard along with a recommendation on which might best fit your goals and construction budget.

If you are looking for additional information please get in touch.  We have written extensively on unique components of the many building performance and measurement & verification standards. 


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