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School Occupants Pushing for Healthy Indoor Air Quality?

This is an important question for 2021 and state governments across the country are responding with funds allocated to advancing healthy indoor air quality in our schools. But how do you take the first step? Everyone seems to have a solution that involves some new-fangled gadget, HEPA Filters, bi-polar ionization, UV light, etc. We are advising our school clients to get data first BEFORE deciding which solution you want to implement.

By investing a very small sum of money in high quality, commercial monitors, you can know quickly what problem you need to solve. With that information, you can decide if the "proof" you seek for your indoor air quality is data-oriented, like RESET Air certification or another standard that intends to prove that building owners are controlling what they can control, like WELL Health & Safety or Fitwel Viral Response.

Once you have data, the decisions become much easier to make. To purchase the right monitors and begin building your understanding of the quality of your indoor air, call AUROS Group at (412) 506-6777.


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