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Passive House Adopted in New York City for Affordable Housing

Urban Land Magazine's recent edition highlighted Passive House in NYC. Demonstrating the potential to reduce primary energy demand up to 75%, Passive House can take a real bite out of a building's carbon footprint.

According to Mark Ginsberg of Curtis + Ginsberg Architects, "In the affordable housing world, there's been a real move towards passive house. They tend to be quieter because they are better insulated. You tend not to smell your neighbor [or suffer allergy attacks] because you have fresh air. There are a number of other advantages beside the low energy usage."

The article continued that as Passive House becomes more known, and more players have experience with it, Passive House is shedding its boutique image.

One architect, John Woelfling from Dattner Architects remarked, "In the wintertime you can heat your apartment with basically a hand dryer, as opposed to some large boiler that's delivering steam to radiators."

Feeling inspired?

To read the full article, click here.

To learn more about Passive House, visit The Passive House Network.


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