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Owners Prove To Themselves the benefits of Passive House

During NAPHN's 2020 global conference, the organizers created the first-ever Owner's/Developers Roundtable where building owners and developers shared the reasons they chose to pursue Passive House. In the third installment of the Owner's Roundtable, a global panel of experts including Alex Kaplan, Hudson Companies, New York, NY; Emma Osmundsen, Exeter City Living Ltd, Exeter, UK; Ryan Cassidy, RiseBoro Community Partnership, New York, NY; and Tim McDonald, Onion Flats, Philadelphia, PA discussed ways they have convinced themselves of the benefits of Passive House.

For example, Ryan Cassidy, RiseBoro Community Partnership admitted that his thoughts on evidence-based performance have evolved: we started simply with designs that didn't measure anything and we just expected the buildings to perform. Now we are almost compelled, because as the city learns more and has more stakeholders learning about Passive House, they're asking more questions.

Cassidy and Alex Kaplan, Hudson Companies, agreed that in a post COVID-19 world, if you can show your tenants that they are healthier living, working, learning, etc. in Passive House buildings, we will soon see a broad shift in attitudes toward Passive House buildings.

For additional nuggets of wisdom from our esteemed panel, download the attached NAPHN e-book, titled "Owner's Roundtable #3: Owners' Feedback Loop: Occupancy, Measurement and Management".

NAPHN PH2020 Owner’s Roundtable #3 eBook
Download • 1.25MB


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