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Evidence-based Performance Requires the Integration of Real and Virtual Data

Evidence-based Performance is the missing link between hoping and knowing in the world of sustainability for the built environment. AUROS Group's patented approach to integrating data, as displayed below, is the only true way to reach evidence-based performance.

Over the last 40 years, our industry has tried nobly to improve the performance of buildings, from energy conservation to improved indoor environmental qualities. Our industry has many well-established programs that guide decision makers on how to build higher performing buildings, but most require some premium in construction costs. Building owners have invested billions of dollars on sustainability, “hoping” we were making the right choices, but, frankly, we still do not “know”.

AUROS360 was founded on the idea of Evidence-based Performance. By connecting planning to operations in the construction cycle, we provide the digital infrastructure to dynamically track performance against owner’s sustainability goals post-occupancy. Incorporating a dynamic model with iterative simulations, building owners and developers can reduce the financial and performance risks of any project. Using these tools, across a portfolio of existing buildings, provides the context to prioritize the project returns on renovations versus those of new buildings.

We deliver Evidence-based Performance to building owners, developers, and design team members, using our proven experience that it does not have to cost one penny more to build a zero energy ready, zero carbon, and healthy indoor air quality building. Click to learn more about us. For a conversation about your project, call us, (412) 506-6777.


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