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Environmental Charter High School Already Leading the Way

IWBI recently launched the new WELL Performance Rating system to emphasize the importance of delivering performance expectations in operations. The rollout of the program, which took place this week at the opening session of the WELL Summit, highlighted leaders in the smart & high performing building world, like the Environmental Charter School.

The new rating provides a roadmap for organizations to demonstrate excellence in occupant experience and building performance across key indoor environmental quality (IEQ) indicators related to air quality, water quality, thermal comfort, acoustics and lighting.

“Environmental Charter School (ECS) began as a group of inspired parents and community leaders and bloomed into a system of learning,” said Jon McCann, Chief Executive Officer, Environmental Charter School. “As we support young learners and future leaders, we understand how the environment where they learn impacts their well-being. With the WELL Performance Rating, ECS can help our students by using information about where they’re learning, to help impact how they live.”

"The WELL Performance Rating demonstrates a commitment to the health and well-being of building occupants," added Beth Eckenrode, AUROS Group. "The team is also targeting Passive House certification that will demonstrate a similar level of commitment to building decarbonization."

The Environmental Charter High School design team consists of AVON Design Group, AUROS Group, Heapy Engineering, Newcomb & Boyd, Atlantic Engineering and Gateway Engineering.


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