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AUROS360 Becomes Prestigious RESET Air Accredited Data Provider

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

The AUROS Group's AUROS360 building performance technology platform is one of only six RESET Air Accredited Data Providers in the world. RESET Air is the global leader in the connections between indoor air quality, outdoor air quality and occupant health & well being. RESET Air sets the highest standards for indoor air quality and requires performance to be dynamically measured and reported using approved monitors and accredited data providers.

AUROS360 combines deep building science with IoT in the form of meters and sensors to provide owners and developers the evidence necessary to know if their building(s) are achieving financial and performance expectations in real time.

"RESET Air is proud to further strengthen its cooperation with AUROS Group, a team of unyielding professionals with a proven track record of thought leadership." Anjanette Green, Director RESET Air Building Standards

Reach for AUROS360 and RESET Air if you are looking for transparency and control over your building performance.


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