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AUROS Group eBook Series: Using Data Science to Connect Design to Operations

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Designing low energy and healthy indoor air quality buildings is only half the battle. Ensuring that owners don't pay a premium and are able to see evidence of performance in operations is the rest of the battle.

To reach evidence-based performance, enlightened teams are using data science tools like simulation to validate performance before spending construction dollars and measurement and verification tools to digitally maintain performance over time.

AUROS Group's eBook below addresses the steps project teams must take to utilize data science to reduce financial project risk of investing in low energy & healthy indoor air quality and optimize building performance results over the life of the building.

If you would like our help to deliver building performance using data science tools that reduce financial risks and digitally maintain performance over time, email us at

Ebook 2 Using Data Science to Connect Building Science to Operations
Download PDF • 2.53MB


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